Warcraft Release Date – Interview with Thomas Tull

Guys from CraveOnline asked several questions to Legendary Pictures CEO Thomas Tull. We are not going to post the whole interview here because there were different question about different titles. But some of the questions were about upcoming Warcraft movie and you can find the answers below.

The first question was about the release date. Will the film be released in 2016? Why post production will take so long?

Thomas Tull answered that it will take about 20 months to make the film ready. They are using next gen technologies and this time is required for making the film amazing. Duncan Jones has done some “things that are truly on the cutting edge”. This time is required to make sure all the things are dialed in.

Moreover, choosing a right date is very important. Several big titles are coming out during these next two years. So it’s important to set the correct date.

Now we know why post production will take so long. Implementing next gen technologies used in the film require a lot of time. But choosing a correct date is not about post production only. Marketing strategy is also very important. It looks like Legendary is going to choose the best date for the release. Why not? It is business and proper timing is always very important. If the release of Warcraft movie will be very close to the release of the other big titles people will most likely have to choose between films. If the release date is set properly, the film will get much more views and will collect more money.

Blizzard makes amazing games and all fans are expecting to see amazing movie. Be patient guys. This requires time.

Then CraveOnline asked about Duncan Jones. His last two movies Source Code and Moon were mind-benders. Will the Warcraft movie be straightforward or contain something special?

Thomas Tull answered that Warcraft movie will have linear story. But at the same time film director Duncan Jones will bring something new. It will be more than just a straightforward fantasy. It’s a great privilege to work with such guys.

This is where all Warcraft lore fans start asking questions. Will Duncan Jones change the general lore? We don’t think so. Warcraft lore is interesting and complicated. But he can make several minor changes in order to make the film better. Anyway we know nothing about the scenario and it looks like we will have to wait until the release.

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