Warcraft Movie Trailer Scenes by Yanmo Zhang

Yanmo Zhang, digital art professional from China, created several images with Warcraft Movie trailer episodes. This trailer was shown at BlizzCon 2014 to live visitors only and Yanmo Zhang had watched it for more than three times. This trailer can’t be found in internet right now. Yanmo decided to draw several scenes from the trailer to demonstrate atmosphere of the movie. Here are the images with annotations:

The first scene shows Stormwind city in bird’s eye view. You can see the main gate and the city behind.

The second image shows the sunset in Stormwind. The war will begin soon.

The third image shows armory in Stormwind.

The forth image shows Throne Hall of the King Llane Wrynn. The King is sitting on his epic throne. Two men are standing in front of him. We can’t see the faces but it looks like these men are Anduin Lothar and Khadgar.

The fifth image is a picture of King Llane Wrynn. His face is serious. He is thinking or probably listening to the Anduin Lothar and Khadgar.

The sixths image shows unknown rock. It can be a part of Blasted Lands or Draenor.

The seventh image demonstrates muscular torso of an unknown Orc and the army behind him. This torso can belong to Durotan.

The eighth image shows two Orc warriors. It looks like they belong to the army from previous image.

The ninth image shows an Orc watching the process if Dark Portal building. This Orc is most likely Durotan.

The tenth image is Dalaran slowly sliding into clouds.

The eleventh image shows three Elves. They are moving somewhere.

The twelfth (and the last) image shows sad face of Durotan watching his wife. It looks like he is very upset. Their camp was burned and he is thinking about the war.

All the pictures are amazing and drawn very well. If you were not a member of BlizzCon live and didn’t see the trailer, these pictures can help you to imagine the atmosphere of the Warcraft Movie.

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