Warcraft Movie Toys and Items for Collectors

We have great news for you guys. All collectors will be able to place Warcraft Movie Toys on their shelves! Legendary Pictures and JAKKS Pacific have made an agreement that grants JAKKS Pacific special rights to manufacture and distribute figures from Warcraft Movie in all scales, basic and feature plush, playsets, role-play items and Halloween costumes and accessories. Get ready guys! Official Warcraft movie toys are coming!

Stephen Berman, JAKKS Pacific CEO, promised that all toys and items will have high quality and will be realistic. That’s great! Have you ever dreamed about having a real replica of a Doomhammer in your room? It looks like we will see a lot of different figures and items.

Right now it’s unknown what figures and items will be available. On our opinion we will see figures of core characters: Anduin Lothar, Durotan, King Llane Wrynn, Orgrim, MedivhKhadgar and so on. We will most likely see Horde and Alliance costumes and role-play items like Doomhammer. Press release tells that JAKKS can produce items in all scales and it’s very promising. Who knows, maybe there will be official replicas of Warcraft items.

When will the Toys be released?

It’s one of the most important questions. According to JAKKS Pacific CEO Stephen Berman the toys and role play items will become available in early 2016. As you know the movie will be released in March 2016, so it looks like the toys will appear in stores in January or February. This will give fans time to get prepared for the release and purchase what they want. This will also help to attract more attention to the upcoming film.


There is no official information about prices. All we can do is to speculate. We have made a small research in order to try to guess future cost of items: if you visit Amazon you can find a lot of figures made by JAKKS there. For example 31 Inch Action Figure of Darth Vader from Star Wars costs $40, 31 Inch Star Wars Stormtrooper’s figure costs $36. Prices of plush toys vary from $10 up to $30. So what to expect?

On our opinion, we can expect the same prices for Warcraft figures and toys. 31 inch Figures will cost about $35 – $40, and plush toys $10 – $30. Of course everything depends on the size. If they make figures bigger the price will also be higher.

Where to buy?

There is no information about it. We are sure that the toys will appear in most leading e-commerce stores like Amazon and in big toy shops. We will update the information about it later.

Why JAKKS Pacific?

JAKKS Pacific is a very famous toys manufacturer with large number of own brands and business connections. It’s the leader in the industry. Legendary Pictures had already worked with them and the press release tells that Legendary has strong partnership with JAKKS. The toy manufacturer made special Godzilla toys for Legendary. JAKKS also manufactured toys for Star Wars, Power Rangers and Nintendo. As you see Blizzard and Legendary had chosen one of the best partners and we are sure that the result will be amazing!

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