Toby Kebbell’s interview to Clever Movies

Toby Kebbell was interviewed by Clevver Movies about his roles in “Dawn of the planet of Apes” and gave some information about his recent role in Warcraft Film. Toby is playing Durotan – leader of the Horde. It’s one of core roles there. The interview is short and doesn’t contain any new information. Here is a brief overview:

Clevver Movies “I also want to talk about Warcraft. Can you tell us a little bit about your role there?”

Toby answered that working in Warcraft film “was just a truly exciting experience. Duncan is such a fantastic person to work with.” Then he mentioned that Warcraft film is a great opportunity.

Toby was also asked about Warcraft game. The question was about whether he was a fan of the game before participating in movie.

Toby “No, I wasn’t. I didn’t feel that was a definite necessity. I expressed this worry to Duncan Jones and he said that what’s important is that you understand how to perform this character. That’s what your job is. My job is to be a fan. We have Blizzard here and that’s going to be fun.”

Toby Kebbell also mentioned that it was interesting and challenging task to play a very heroic Orc. They had a special person who was responsible for movement choreography and helped actors to understand how to move.

“Terry (Terry Notary) was the man I turned to help with the movement. That movement, that weight of being 600 pounds.”

You can see the full interview below. If you want to see the part about “Warcraft” start watching from 3:50. - unofficial website about Warcraft Movie. All information about characters, cast, latest news and updates.Join! By fans for fans.