The First Official Warcraft Film Image Revealed!!!

A lot of time had passed since filming of the Warcraft movie was finished. Right now the movie is in post-production stage. But we haven’t seen any real images… Fortunately, Legendary Pictures revealed the first official image of the Warcraft film! The image was captured right from the movie and shows Orgrim Doomhammer.

It’s night time. Orgrim is sitting near the camp fire surrounded by other orcs. He is holding his famous hammer in his right hand. We can’t see the entire hammer, only the handle. He is wearing traditional orcish armor with spikes on right shoulder. You can see all the details of his armor.

We believe that all Horde fans will find this image great. Everything is done very well! Orgrim’s model looks fantastic and authentic. This is what all fans expect from the upcoming film.

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