Warcraft Movie Teaser Trailer

Warcraft Movie teaser trailer was shown at Warcraft Movie Presentation Panel at BlizzCon 2014 for the first time. But unfortunately only live visitors could watch it. All virtual ticket owners could watch only the main part of the presentation. It was interesting and revealed a lot of new information about the film, but the most “delicious” piece – teaser trailer – was shown after the main part was finished. Only live visitors could watch it.

See Teaser Trailer above

The main part of Warcraft presentation was interesting and full of new information. Director of Warcraft film Duncan Jones, Visual effects supervisor Bill Westenhoffer, Senior Vice President of Story and Franchise Development at Blizzard Entertainment Chris Metzen and actor Rob Kazinsky (Orgrim) did great job telling interesting facts about the film. It was the main part.

There was a short break after the end of the main part. Virtual broadcasting was finished and owners of virtual tickets were unable to see the continuation. BlizzCon stuff asked people to switch off their smartphones and cameras. After this was done, Warcraft Movie teaser trailer was shown.

Special staff was watching after people and it was almost impossible to record something. But fortunately one man could record small piece of the trailer. He didn’t share full video, but he revealed a screenshot that shows Stormwind city from bird’s eye view. The screenshot can be seen below.

As you see, it’s rather difficult to tell a lot about the film right now. But even this small piece shows that the film will be epic. You can see that the city is huge and graphics is pretty attractive. All people who saw this Teaser Trailer say that the film will be epic! All models are detailed and looking great. Graphics is amazing!

Later on, Yanmo Zhang, digital art professional from China, drew several scenes from that trailer. He could watch it several times and could memorize a lot of details. You can see all the pictures here. Note, these pictures were drawn by Yanmo Zhang, they are not the parts of trailer.

We are looking forward to publish Warcraft Movie Trailer at this page when it becomes available to public in near future. Nobody knows the exact date but we will notify our Facebook subscribers as soon as it becomes available. Don’t forget to share this page with your friends!

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