Sneak Peek Trailer From Blizzcon 2014 (+Leaked Image)

Warcraft Movie Presentation Panel revealed a lot of new information about the film. Most of the movie fans were watching this presentation in internet and unfortunately didn’t have access to all content. Those who were at Blizzcon could see much more. For example they could watch Warcraft movie sneak peek teaser. It was shown after the main part of the presentation and only live Blizzcon visitors could see it.

It was not a film trailer; it was just a teaser with some fragments of the film. It shows some locations and characters. Here is a link where you can find full Teaser Trailer when it becomes avaliable.

Leaked Image

This teaser is not available in internet. It wasn’t allowed to use cameras and smartphones during BlizzCon. BlizzCon staff paid a lot of attention to this. Legendary pictures didn’t want any leaks and that’s why it’s impossible to find a teaser video in the internet. But we were able to find one leked picture. You can see Stormwind city there:

The Teaser

In the beginning of the teaser we see Duncan Jones telling some words:

“Hi everyone, we are hard at work bringing the world of Azeroth to the big screen. While we are still very much in the early phases I promised you guys last year that I would show you a lot more at this year’s blizzcon. So we have pulled together a special extended version of the clip we showed at Comic-Con. What you are about to see are in development cinematic teaser piece. It will introduce you to the look of the world and characters and introduce you to our two main protagonists, Lothar of the Alliance and Durotan of the Horde. I hope you enjoy this first look at Warcraft and i’ll be back after this piece is played with one more surprise.”

The main part of teaser begins. We see Stormwind city. Camera flies above heads of people and we hear Lothar’s voice. “I’ve spent more time protecting my King than my own son.” Then we see Anduin Lothar in plate armor with a large sword. His shield is on the floor next to him. He is sitting in a room that looks like Armory.

Then the picture changes. We see the throne room in Stormwind city. Duncan Jones told that film decorations are looking similar to what you see in the game and it’s true. Just imagine throne room in the game and it will be pretty close to what you could see in teaser. Lothar tells, “Does that make me loyal or a fool?”

This is the end of Lothar’s part. Now we see some sort of rocky desert. It’s impossible to identify the region but we can assume that it’s Draenor.

Durotan: “I’ve led thousands of warriors into battle, but I fear being a father. Does that make me a leader, or a coward?”

Then we see another scene. It looks like Durotan sinking in water with a weapon above him. And we hear words of Lothar: “Some see death as having some greater purpose, but when it is one of your own it is hard to grasp anything good comes from it.”

While he is saying this it looks like they have found a dead orc in Azeroth and Lothar touchs the corpse and he sees black blood.

Then we see another scene. Two Orcs are opening big wooden gates. Gates are heavy and orcs are grunting. We hear the voice of Durotan asking, “Our hope is destroyed, there is nothing to go back too. Is war, the only answer?”

Then the teaser cuts to a battle scene. Infantrymen and Orcs are fighting. After this we see Dalaran. Then we can see a human walking with a Dwarf towards the great forge in Iron Forge. After this Khadgar casting some spell. It looks like arcane blast in WoW.

The final scene shows Gryphon riding and tearing up some orcs.

The End.

The goal of the teaser was to introduce main characters: Lothar and Durotan. Teaser shows that they are not just warriors and leaders. They also have their emotions, thoughts and doubts. They are bothering about their families. The movie will show us these heroes from different sides.

About quality of the models

Everything is done pretty cool. Orcs are looking great! According to the description from Reddit their models have the same quality that Na’vi had in Avatar. This is great news. Duncan Jones told that they are working with leaders of Motion Capture business and they are using many next gen technologies. It looks like the movie will be amazing.

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