Medivh is one of the main characters in Warcraft Movie. He was the last Guardian in the Order of Tirisfal, organization created for defending Azeroth from Burning Legion invaders.

Order of Tirisfal was formed many years ago. The general goal of the order was to protect the world from demons of Burning Legion. All Guardians received great magical power and longevity.


His mother, Magna Aegwynn, was one of the greatest and most powerful Guardians of Tirisfal. She served as a Guardian for about 500 years. She fought and defeated Sargeras, leader of demonic army. But her victory was a part of Sargeras’ plan: he was able to transfer a small part of his essence into Aegwynn’s body. Sargeras planned to use this advantage in future.

Several years later, Order of Tirisfal forces Aegwynn to choose a successor and transfer the power of Guardian to him. Aegwynn was fearless and honest Guardian. She saw that the Order of Tirisfal became political organization and forgot about their core mission. She decided to give birth to a child and make this child new Guardian. This is how Medivh was born. But Aegwynn didn’t know that Sargeras’ essence possessed the child.

Medivh was a happy child. He spent a lot of time with his friends Prince Llane Wrynn and Anduin Lothar.

But one day dark power of Sargeras awakened in him. When he became 14 years old dark power started capturing his mind. He awakened in a sweat at night from evil dreams. His father didn’t know what was happening. He tried to help the son but was instantly killed because the power Medivh’s mother had given him awoke. Medivh was in coma for 20 years until Sargeras captured his mind fully. - unofficial website about Warcraft Movie. All information about characters, cast, latest news and updates.Join! By fans for fans.