Khadgar is one of the main characters in Warcraft Movie. When he was young, Kirin Tor, faction of the most powerful wizards, sent Khadgar to Medivh to learn the art of magic. Medivh didn’t like the decision of Kirin Tor. He had never accepted any apprentices before, but he saw that the boy sent by Kirin Tor is clever and finally accepted him. Khadgar became the first and the only Medivh’s apprentice in his tower at Karazhan.

At first, Khadgar thought that Medivh is just an eccentric wizard, but changed his mind after he found out that his mentor was a Guardian of Tirisfal. Order of Tirisfal was created to protect Azeroth from Burning Legion invaders and Medivh was the most powerful mage there.

Khadgar learned from Medivh and started to notice that something strange was happening with his mentor. Of course he didn’t know that Medivh’s soul was captured and ruled by Dark Titan Sargeras.

All his suspicions were confirmed after he met Horde emissary, the half-Orcish assassin Garona. They became good friends and he found out a lot from her. He understood that his master Medivh is going to open a portal to connect Azeroth and Draenor. Unfortunately there was no time to stop the plot and he rushed to King Llane Wrynn alongside with Garona. They told all they knew to the King but he didn’t believe. Fortunately Lord Anduin Lothar saw that such thread can be real and returned to Karazhan with a group of soldiers.

When they arrived they found Medivh physically linked with the Orcish warlock Gul’dan. Khadgar, Garona and Lothar did all their best to stop this ritual and Khadgar had to kill his mentor. It was difficult and he paid high price. Medivh was able to leach a lot of Khadgar‘s life essence and he became old man almost immediately. Medivh was defeated but the portal opened by him was active.

Armies of orcs could take Stormwind city. Khadgar had to join Anduin Lothar and travel to Lordaeron with the rest of Alliance forces. He was a talented mage and his knowledge helped Alliance a lot. But his goal was to close the dark portal to stop the war. He learned Medivh’s books in order to find a way to destroy dark portal.

The war was difficult but finally forces of Alliance could push the Horde back to the Portal itself. Khadgar used that chance to attempt to destroy it. He could destroy the portal but the rift between worlds remained. He understood that this rift may be used for opening portal again and he could persuade the King to build a keep to protect Azeroth from possible thread. This keep was called Nethergarde Keep.

Fortunately, Alliance could finish the Keep before orcs opened the portal again. But this attack was not so huge. Orcs changed their tactics. When their main forces besieged the Nethergarde Keep, small groups of skilled warriors tried to steal powerful artifacts from cities of Alliance.

There was only one way to stop the invasion. Khadgar entered the portal with a group of Alliance warriors and was shocked. The situation was terrible. Orc shamans led by Ner’zhul were planning to open a lot of similar portals to Azeroth. He understood that they will most likely fail because such energies will destroy Draenor and Azeroth because dark portal is still opened. He had to act fast, orcs started opening portals and Khadgar closed dark portal using knowledge from Medhiv’s books. He was locked in Dearnor with alliance warriors. When Draenor started to explode he could save his allies by ushering them into one of the rifts, but couldn’t save himself. People think that he didn’t survive. - unofficial website about Warcraft Movie. All information about characters, cast, latest news and updates.Join! By fans for fans.