Fight for The Horde!

The Horde is a union of several races of Azeroth, hostile to the AllianceWarcraft movie shows history of the Horde from early beginning. Members of the Horde are: Orcs of DurotarTauren of MulgoreTrolls of the Darkspear tribe and Undead Forsaken of Lordaeron. The membership of this union is not static and changed over time.

The Horde was originally founded by the Orcs and the Ogres who had fought against the Draenei race in Draenor. Trolls joined the union during the invasion of the Horde into Azeroth. During the first war forces of the Horde were affected by the dark power of the Burning Legion and had to fight against the Humans.

But after Alliance defeated Horde in the second war, dark power of the Horde was broken and Thrall could free his people from control of the Burning Legion. Free Orcs and Trolls started to search for a new place to live. They met with the race of Tauren in Kalimdor. Tauren offered them spiritual guidance and aid. Orcs saw that Tauren also respect strength and glory, so the races could form a union very fast.

Most Famous Horde Members

  • Durotan – the Chieftain of the Frostwolf Clan
  • Orgrim – the wielder of Doomhammer and second in command behind Blackhand
  • Blackhand the Destroyer – Chieftain of the Blackrock Clan
  • Gul’dan – one of the strongest Orc Warlocks

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