Warcraft Movie at Comic-Con 2015 (+Videos and Photos)

Comic-Con 2015 revealed some new information about the Warcraft Movie. We collected the most interesting facts:

1. Though Warcraft game series is very popular not all people in the world know the story. So the main task of Duncan Jones was to tell people about the universe and get them involved in that universe. He made all the best to tell the story from the beginning and in details. If you know nothing about Warcraft games you will be able to understand what’s going in the film. The Movie is understandable for those who don’t familiar with the story of the war between Orcs and Humans.

2. Warcraft will most likely be a trilogy! The first film is independent but still has a lot of potential for sequels. Duncan Jones said that he is planning to make at least 2 more films dedicated to Warcraft if the first film is successful. That was predictable. Warcraft universe is huge and there are a lot of storied there. One film is not enough for such universe…

Skies of Azeroth

One of the most interesting features shown at Comic-Con was a special video called Warcraft: Skies of Azeroth. This video shows 360 degree panorama of Azeroth from birds eye view. You can also watch the video. They say it looks fantastic in Oculus Rift.

Hint: Use your mouse to rotate the camera!!!

During the presentation, Legendary Entertainment gave away 50,000 special Google Cardboard viewers. These viewers allow enjoying the panorama without special devices like Oculus Rift. All you need is to place your smartphone inside and play the video.


Photos of decorations from Comic-Con started to appear before the start of the presentation. Photos below show King Llayne, Durotan and soldiers of alliance.



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